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How many licks does it take?

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December 16th, 2003

07:44 pm - Wow
Yea I've decided to still maintain this journal for a while... I guess...

Sal came home for the holidays, but soon will be off to England with Colin to visit "London"

Things I'm looking forward to:
Saturday Angela will hopefully sleep over
3 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL... THEN 2 WEEKS OFF!!! can you feel the excitement
9 more days till Christmas... I'm excited to see what all of you people bought for me.

give angelini23 more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

I better see lots of hugs guy!... and leave me comments
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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September 16th, 2003

08:41 pm - hmm...?
I realize I talk about nothing... and I know none of you read my journal anyway so it's all good.

Went to John's after school to see his baby nah no his but he is still pregnate... Yea we played football on PS2 and wow did I suck. John kicked my booty ;) Then I went to the mall to pick up a little gift for John. I was strolling around CVS when I saw one of my campers Mariam (Idk how to spell it). She is the one who says hello to everyone and everything seriously.

Beth is hosting a German student next month!!! Exciting!!! Beth is HIGH like WHOA!

Took a super duper bath today... It was very nice and bubbly...

Love is such a fickle word... It's used to freely. I think love is a term misunderstood.

Beth and I are going to play tennis next year on the school team but first we gotta get really good because our skills arent at their full potential yet.

6 More Days till my loves Bday!!
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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September 15th, 2003

06:33 pm - I mean who doesn't want you
Played BINGO in Espanol... that was fun. No funny quotes from Mr. Collins in Health about a guys penis falling off.

Stayed after today for the drivers Ed meeting to see who got in.

Yea so [I] got in along with Jason, CJ, Inzi, Christa, and Alex (Don't remember who else got in, i guess they aren't that important then j/k)... should be fun, as long as I have some good people in the car with me while I'm driving for 2 hours.

John and I were bored after we each went home and found out there was nothing to do. I resorted to playing Solitaire and Hearts on the computer. We went to the driving range... let me tell you, John is AMAZING at whacking that ball, except when there is something on the line (John I think you owe me like 2 or 3 times). Yea I'm... anyway it was fun.

John's birthday is in 1 week I'm so excited finally you'll be 16... no SWEET SIXTEEN!!!

Necesito un massage like whoa! I'm so sore ouchy

Ok Peace my people
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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September 14th, 2003

08:51 pm
Does forever not seem like enough time to spend with the person you love?

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05:59 pm
Today was so much fun... well at least 2 hours of my day were but that was enough for me. First I had to go buy some cleats for lacrosse since it was raining, and if you have sneakers on you fall like whoa. So went into Finish Line and Victor was gonna hook me up, but no of course he didn't have any hot ones for me. Then went into Olympia and yah they had the hotness I was looking for. You must all come and see my cleats because they are amazing (yes I'm a freak). Then drove up to Ardsley to play in the fall ball lacrosse league. I had so much fun, it was great playing with that stick and ball again haha. I'm so excited for next week. Today I played from 2-4 and in the first like 20-30 minuets it was pouring rain, but it was so much fun. Next week it's only for 1 hour :( I was so upset... I wish I could play all day long. Everyone come and watch!!! OK well now that I enlightened you with my dumb lacrosse story I will go now.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic

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September 13th, 2003

05:21 pm - is somebody, anybody, there?
Tonight is Kayleigh's Sweet Sixteen. I feel so sick and tired but I'm still going to go. When I get there I'll see if I'm in the mood to dance... which is never.

Erika is one funny girl. She took a shower in the bathroom she wasn't suppose to and now there is water leaking from the celling. That girl cracks me up.

Just started to being my speech for English... wow too bad Sal isn't home to help me even though he already did. Sal you need to spread your knowledge you are getting from Cornell and give it to your sister. You should HELP ME MORE!

I'm so confused right now, I don't know what to do or say anymore. Ahh! Where is the cuz when you need her.
Current Mood: confusedconfused

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September 12th, 2003

06:27 pm - School Bus colored balloons?
"When I get home I'm going to beat you" Ahh don't beat me. Ok all arguments end in what? Does anybody know... Ok I'll tell you. RAPE! I think that should be a question us children in period 5 should ask Mr. Collins.

Beth has no aim at all but yesterday was amazing. She got a paper ball stuck in-between John's lips even though his mouth wasn't open.

Today was the first day EVER in my life that I swallowed pills. This is the best day ever.

Also I saw my hot sexy friend Christa on the road today and saw her hot car. It was funny because she turned behind me and we were sticking our heads out of the car to talk to each other. Then these kids were shouting at me in my car while I had my window open and saying that "He wants you". Yeah they were homos. I was thinking about going back and making the kids get in my car and taking them to the middle of no where and make them get out and leave them there to die.

P.S. Christine can sing :) haha

Ahh Sorry Dana I was in a rush writing this I totally forgot. Anyway yes me and John went to go visit Dana at her coolness job Party Fair. We bought 2 balloons, purple and school bus. Every time I go there Dana said she is going to make me buy a purple balloon just because it's see-through. I must go back to visit you Dane like all the time!!!

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September 9th, 2003

09:10 pm - hotness:(
BETH!!! I want them purple shoes... we must get them they are the coolest things i've ever seen... ok thats a lie but it's a close second! We can wear them after 3rd period haha

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September 8th, 2003

09:39 pm - I hate the bus!
Yah since I hate going on my bus John invited me over out of pity and therefore I went to his house. Eventful day, I learned how to play the guitar really well to *N Sync (*wink wink*) Yeah I must admit I am pretty hot when I play that thing, oh sure. I also realized how insane I really am... sometimes too insane ins't that good.
Tomorrow I get to drive to school! YAY!
Good luck Alex on your road test tomorrow! Don't bother picking me up if you pass because I'm not getting in the car with you.
Ok I'm done telling you all absolutley nothing...

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September 5th, 2003

05:46 pm - word
So everyone how is school going?
It feels like I never left... argh oh well just two more years to go then WCC here I come (hopefully I'm just kidding)
Well my life hasn't had anything interesting going on I guess unless I missed it...
Only thing is 5 months for me and John<3 (yesterday)
Tennis is fun, I get to play it in gym! ok I'm done bye!
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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